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Are you a showhorse, or a workhorse?

27 November 2022



Are you a showhorse, or a workhorse?

In her MasterClass, Hillary Clinton goes through her missions and values. She also tells this cool story, about when she met Senator Robert Byrd. As they met, he asked:

“Hillary, there is one question everyone wants to know: are you a showhorse, or a workhorse?”

Asking the question is answering it – we all know the achievements of the 67th United States Secretary of State for President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013.

Workhorse: Someone who works hard, is reliable, and delivers impactful results to the mission at hand.

Showhorse: Someone who is surface level, cares more about promoting their accolades, and tries to take the easy way out

She adds too:

“it may be ‘ok’ to cut corners and take the easy way out in your own little job as long as there is no accountability and nothing at stake… but when it comes to serious work missions and responsibilities, you need to have the stamina to drive your own resilience, and get things done! You need to work hard, and the accomplishement will eventualy be fullfilling.”

In our book EGOals, we make a great deal of the different ways people (over) advertise themselves, mainly via social media – here are a few examples taken directly from the book

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