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A Passionate Exchange: Keynote Insights on Performance, Science, and Leadership

Over the years, my journey in elite sports has not only deepened my expertise but has also ignited a profound passion for sharing insights beyond the field. I’m regularly honored with invitations to present as a Keynote speaker, addressing diverse topics from sports science, training, and data to technology and leadership. While my presentations cater to sports organizations, I’ve found an equally enthusiastic audience in the corporate world. My approach is rooted in genuine dialogue and active engagement, fostering an environment of mutual learning. It’s not about standing at a podium and talking; it’s about sharing a collective curiosity, bridging different worlds, and fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate dance between science, sport, and leadership. If you’re seeking an enriching conversation filled with passion and informed perspective, I’m here to share, learn, and engage.

If you need a speaker who brings both knowledge and engagement to your events, I'd be glad to share my insights. Contact me for more details.

Trusted Collaborations

Each collaboration reflects a journey of trust, shared leadership, and a commitment to excellence in sports science, performance, and beyond.

On-Stage Impact: Reactions to Keynote Speeches

Here you’ll find a handpicked collection of testimonials from my numerous engagements as a keynote speaker. While these are just a snapshot of the many presentations I’ve delivered, they vividly capture the essence and impact of my speaking engagements. These reflections from various events and conferences illustrate the wide-reaching influence and positive reception of my keynote speeches, highlighting the connection and inspiration I aim to bring to every audience.

“Martin was always a top draw at our conferences. He was credible and excellent at building stories around data and his practices. He is not only keenly aware of presenting the right level of his content for his audience but also connects with them by bringing a practical, real-world point of view to his presentations and information.”

Tiffany Reily

Vice President Marketing, KitmanLabs

“”We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Martin as the Keynote speaker at our annual conference on the Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise. His sessions, in both 2013 and 2022, were nothing short of phenomenal. Martin has an extraordinary knack for captivating a diverse audience, breaking down complex topics into engaging narratives that resonate with all attendees.

What truly sets Martin’s presentations apart is his compelling storytelling, which weaves scientific data into stories that continue to inspire long after the conference has ended. The way he translates depth of knowledge into a dynamic delivery is remarkable, and his expertise extends across sports science, strength and conditioning, and leadership.

The feedback we’ve received from our coaches—both seasoned professionals and those at mid-level or outside the professional sphere—highlights the value they found in Martin’s real-world examples and data. They appreciated his focus on research derived from the trenches of professional sports, not just academic settings, and his honesty about the challenges faced at the highest levels of competition.

Martin’s ability to forge a connection and communicate complex ideas clearly is a great strength. For his comprehensive knowledge and engaging speaking style, he comes highly recommended by the Australian coaching community.”

Dan Baker

Board member, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association

“We invited Martin to our Sport Science and Fitness conference as a Keynote Speaker to talk about periodization in elite football. His presentation was very insightful approaching real-world challenges and underpinned by cutting-edge research. The engagement of the audience during the roundtable session showed that Martin’s messages convinced not only the fitness coaches/sport scientists, but the football coaches as well. I highly recommend him as an invited speaker in many topics related to elite football.”

Gabor Schuth

Head of Sport Science/Strength and Conditioning, Hungarian Football Federation

In April this year, Martin presented as a keynote speaker on two topics at our National Coach conference, held in our National Sports Centre, Papendal. In both sessions, he provided the coaches with highly valuable insights – and both sessions were received very positively. Martin is a great speaker with excellent knowledge about science and more importantly the application of science in the practical context of elite sport.

Richard Louman

Head of Strenght & Conditioning, TeamNL (Netherlands)