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Elevating the game: courses and educational workshops

In the dynamic field of elite football, the pursuit of excellence is a never-ending journey that demands both wisdom from experience and knowledge from diligent study. My role in this vast landscape is to serve as a thoughtful conduit between the rigorous world of scientific research and the vibrant, pulsating heart of the game played on the field.

With 20 years of dedicated service at the coalface of elite sports, I have come to appreciate the nuanced dance of applying evidence-informed practices. It’s a process that respects the rich tapestry of the sport — the deep-seated cultures, the unique challenges each team faces, and the diverse personalities of players. It’s about letting the science inform us while never losing sight of the individual human element at play.

I have been fortunate enough to author two books and contribute to over 250 scientific papers, each a step in my ongoing quest to learn and share. But the true essence of my work is not captured in these numbers; it is found in the day-to-day application of these learnings, the collaborative exchanges with peers, and the continuous search for that delicate balance between empirical evidence and the art of coaching.

Whether in-person or remotely, I provide tailored lectures, workshops, and continued professional development (CPD) courses to federations, club staff, and elite sports organizations worldwide. Each session is meticulously adapted to meet the unique requirements and needs of the audience, ensuring maximum engagement and learning efficacy.

My engagements are more than just teaching; they are opportunities for mutual growth and adaptation. I continuously refine my approach based on the diverse experiences and feedback from each session.
Beyond the world-renowned HIIT course from HIITscience, my teaching repertoire extends to a range of other critical areas in sports science. I regularly conduct sessions on training periodization and programming, focusing on creating effective, adaptive plans for athletes. My expertise in load management and strength work helps teams optimize performance while minimizing injury risks. Additionally, I guide professionals in monitoring training adaptations to understand and enhance athlete responses to training.
A significant part of my teaching also involves leading multidisciplinary teams and fostering effective leadership skills. This is crucial for nurturing collaborative and productive team environments, ensuring that all members work cohesively towards common goals in sports performance.”

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Trusted Collaborations

Each collaboration reflects a journey of trust, shared leadership, and a commitment to excellence in sports science, performance, and beyond.

Training Triumphs: Educational Experiences

Featured in this section is a selection of testimonials from the numerous courses and workshops I’ve conducted over the years. While these represent only a fraction of the many engagements I’ve had, each testimonial captures the essence of my approach to education and skills development. They reflect the diverse impact and reach of my workshops and courses, highlighting how they have resonated with and benefited a wide array of professionals and teams.

“Martin’s CPD course offered to our staff at Rangers Football Club provided comprehensive content with a clear focus on the practicality of sports science in top-tier football. Martin displayed a keen ability to convey the importance of context, making the application of these concepts seem more approachable. Our team appreciated the thorough learnings and the opportunity for engaging interaction. His work comes with my recommendation for those looking to enhance their professional practice.”

Jordan Milsom

Former Head of Performance, Rangers Football Club

“Martin participated in a seminar for students at the Strasbourg School of Management. During this conference, he was able to highlight the impact of EGO on group dynamics as well as its management in consideration. There is no doubt that this sharing of experience, illustrated by the world of top-level sports (notably PSG), was beneficial for the students in their training curriculum.”

Jérémie Haeusser

Founder and coach at Team Expérience, (Responsible for development at the Strasbourg School of Management)

“Any time Martin has been involved with any organisation I worked with he always added value to the group through his vast array of scientific publications, substantial experience in elite sport and his excellent interpersonal and teaching skills. It is a rare combination of skills and one that I regularly tap into on an ongoing basis and always find additional value and content.”

Enda King

Head of Elite Performance and Development, Aspetar, Qatar

“We regularly have the opportunity to invite Martin to our workshops, seminars and training courses organized by the French Rugby Union in the areas of Strength & Conditioning and Sports Sciences. His scientific expertise combined with rare professional experience, and above all his passion for sport, always make his interventions special moments of sharing for our coaches and sports scientists.”

Julien Piscione

Head of Sports Sciences & Performance, French Rugby Union

”Our objective for the CPD course at the Swedish Football Federation is to provide coaches with some of the top experts in football fitness. With Martin’s contribution delegates get insights from a top-level researcher and practitioner, who also the challenges theory to application with coaches, players, and other stakeholders in elite football. Overall, bringing Martin to our various educational events is not only bringing a top expert in but someone who is equally expert in sharing practically applicable research in a humble and digestible way.”

Johan Lundberg

Coach Educator, Swedish Federation

“Martin has been a recurring contributor to our federal courses in strength and conditioning. Recognized globally for his expertise, Martin’s presentations never fail to impress, marrying deep scientific insight with unparalleled clarity. Beyond his professional prowess, Martin’s genuine approachability sets him apart, facilitating enriching discussions with colleagues and attendees alike. It’s no wonder attendees leave feeling enriched and inspired after his sessions. My heartfelt thanks to Martin for his unwavering commitment and the invaluable dialogues we’ve shared.”

Julien Colombo

Director for the federal diploma in physical preparation, French Basketball Association

“Martin’s training delivery during our 2-d course was exceptional—striking the perfect balance between scientific evidence and practical application. His engaging style resonated with us at the Finnish Football Association, providing both insightful knowledge and tangible field strategies. His contributions were both highly valuable and immediately applicable.”

Joni Ruuskanen

Head of Football Fitness, Finnish Football Association

“Martin’s wealth of experience and science-backed expertise have truly ignited my inspiration. His unwavering passion for well-structured, efficient training strategies is palpable in every moment. The principles he shares for implementing High-Intensity Interval Training for example (among many other topics) are not only simple but also incredibly practical, making them ideal for immediate application. His courses have all been great additions to those provided to the Swiss coaches and sports scientist community.”

Jan Seiler

Strength Training Expert, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen

“Martin was invited as an expert speaker to join the Danish League course series on physical performance improvement in elite football players on Dec 14th, 2020.

During his lecture to the invited S&C and medical staff members from Danish professional football club, Martin presented a comprehensive view on strength training and programming in an inspiring and clear language. His presentation was rooted in practicality, offering insights that were directly applicable to our coaches’ daily work. 

What was particularly beneficial and important to the attendees was Martin’s consideration of the varied contexts in which our they operate. He delivered content that was not only informed by a wealth of experience but also adaptable to different training environments. During his talk, Martin demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to understanding and optimizing the physical aspects of athletes in the complex world of elite football. 

Martin’s knowledge in this field is extensive, yet he presents it with a clarity and humility that speaks to his dedication to the sport. His expertise is a valuable resource for those looking to thoughtfully apply strength training principles. His profound knowledge of physiology and sports science will not only contribute to overall performance of Danish teams but has also significantly reduced the risk of injuries and improve recovery processes related to strength work.

We’re thankful for the practical guidance he offered and feel confident in recommending his services – They are truly game-changing.”

Thomas Rostgaard

Lead fitness coach Danish national female and male youth national teams, Danish Football Federation