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My research journey is guided by a commitment to ‘practice-based research,’ a term I use to describe the essential connection between scientific study and the lived experience of sports professionals. It is my belief that the most insightful and impactful research is born from this synergy. With over 250 scientific papers and two well-received books, my goal has always been to contribute meaningfully to our collective understanding and to support evidence-informed practices in sports science. In 2020, my efforts were recognized when I was ranked as the 4th scientific expert in football (soccer) by, a distinction that, while humbling, also serves as a reminder of the responsibility I have to continue to provide research that can stand the test of practice.

As the Editor of Sport Performance and Science Reports, I have the privilege of facilitating a dialogue between practitioners and researchers, helping to ensure that valuable field experiences inform and enhance our scientific knowledge.

In my work, I strive to bring a blend of thoroughness and accessibility, aiming to share the nuanced complexities of sports science in ways that benefit the field. My consultancy work with elite organizations is an extension of this goal. It is an opportunity to serve the community by assisting with research design, analysis, and dissemination—tasks I approach with the perspective of a collaborator rather than an authority.

With a background that includes working with innovative data science teams and exploring the potential of machine learning, like the projects I’ve been involved with at KitmanLabs, I am keenly aware of the transformative power of data when handled with care and understanding.

I am available to work alongside data science teams, offering insights from my experiences, and I welcome the opportunity to contribute as a co-author, support analysis, or guide research that aims to enlighten and improve our practices in sports.

My ambition is simple: to be of service to the sports science community, facilitating research that is as practical as it is scholarly, and to humbly support the enhancement of performance through science.

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I trust you'll find value in my research publications and writings

Should you wish to share feedback, discuss ideas, or explore collaboration opportunities, I warmly welcome you to get in touch.”

Insightful Research: Peer Perspectives

In this section, you’ll find a few select testimonials that speak to the impact of my research contributions. While my extensive publication record, with an H-index of 89 on Google Scholar, and the significant number of citations my work has received speak volumes on their own, these testimonials add a personal touch. They offer insights into my recent collaborative research at Kitman Labs and other projects, shedding light on how my research endeavors translate into real-world benefits and advancements in the field of sports science.”

Our collaboration with Martin at Kitman Labs was both valuable and immensely enjoyable. As we co-led the research initiative, our joint efforts not only advanced our own objectives but also significantly contributed to the sports science community at large. This was evidenced by a series of publications that garnered substantial engagement from the field.”

Derek McHugues

VP Data Science, KitmanLabs

I am delighted to provide this testimonial for my esteemed colleague, Martin Buchheit, whose dedication and expertise have significantly impacted the field of sport performance and applied sport science. As a close collaborator, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the depth of Martin’s commitment to advancing our understanding of high-performance training. Martin’s prolific research output speaks volumes about his intellectual rigor and passion for knowledge dissemination. With over 200 publications to his name, including 32 co-authored with me, his work has not only contributed to the academic discourse but has also translated into practical applications for practitioners in our field. The impact of his research is further underscored by an impressive 20,000 citations, reflecting the widespread recognition and influence of his contributions. As the Editor and Founder of Sport Performance & Science Reports, Martin has demonstrated visionary leadership in creating a free-access web-based platform. This initiative facilitates the dissemination of real-world research, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the sport science community. His role as a former Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sport Physiology and Performance further attests to his standing within the academic community. Martin’s discerning editorial insights contribute to the elevation of research standards and the publication of cutting-edge advancements in sports physiology and performance. Beyond his work in traditional academic settings, Martin has played a pivotal role in knowledge democratization through HIIT Science. Together, we co-authored the bestselling book, “Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training,” and founded HIIT Science, an online education platform dedicated to training practitioners in our field. This initiative reflects Martin’s commitment to bridging the gap between research and practical application, ensuring that evidence-based practices are accessible to professionals worldwide. In conclusion, it is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Martin Buchheit as an exemplary researcher, editor, and educator. His multifaceted contributions have not only enriched the academic landscape but have also empowered practitioners with the tools to enhance athletic performance. I have no doubt that his continued endeavors will leave an enduring impact on the intersection of research and real-world applications in sport science.

Paul B Laursen

Co-founder Athletica and HIITScience