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Confidence vs. Ego – by Shane Parrish

14 December 2023



Confidence vs. Ego – by Shane Parrish

Confidence vs. Ego

“Self-confidence is what empowers you to execute difficult decisions and develop self-knowledge. While the ego tries to prevent you from acknowledging any deficiencies you may have, self-confidence gives you the strength to acknowledge those deficiencies.

This is how you learn humility. Confidence without humility is generally the same thing as overconfidence–a weakness, not a strength.

Confident people have the strength to admit weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to acknowledge that other people might be better at something than they are, and to ask when they need help. It’s only human to have doubts about whether you are up to a given task. Even the most capable people have doubts about this from time to time. But those who have self-confidence never give in to feelings of despair or worthlessness. That’s just another ego trap.

Instead, confident people stay focused on completing the task at hand, even if it involves relying on the help of others to do so. Every successful task only further serves to deepen your trust in yourself, and that’s how confidence is earned.”

Quote from Shane Parrish – “Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results

In our book “EGOals,” 110 top-level sports professionals share their insights on the concept of EGO and its interplay with self-confidence. They explore the delicate equilibrium between excessive and insufficient self-confidence, revealing how this balance has influenced their careers, for better or worse. Each story serves as a learning opportunity, offering valuable lessons for personal growth. For those eager to accelerate their own development by understanding these experiences, “EGOals” is an enlightening resource.

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