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Informed Performance Podcast #79 – EGOals

16 July 2021



Informed Performance Podcast #79 – EGOals

Episode 79Andy McDonald chats to Martin Buchheit and George Perry who recently authored EGOals. Martin is the former head of performance at Paris Saint Germain Football Club and currently works for Lille OSC and Kitman labs. He is based in Spain and France. George is a Sports performance specialist and sports businessman and writer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. EGOals brings together over 100 of the world’s top high-performance sports practitioners, in addition to their own experiences in the sports industry. They explore the nature, role and importance of ego in the workplace, along with sharing insights into ego’s successes and failures behind the scenes of elite sport.

Topics discussed:

  • Why write a book about ego
  • Differences of opinion
  • When is ego needed
  • Assessing your own ego
  • Dealing with other professionals ego
  • Writing your own book

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