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About me

I am a very passionate Sport Performance Practitioners and Scientist, having worked with different elite organizations including the Paris Saint Germain Football Club (Head of Performance for 6 yrs), Lille OSC (Head of Performance for 2 yrs), Aspire Academy in Qatar (5 yrs), the French Football Federation, and consultancies, mentorships and audits across Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia, and the US. I was also holding the role of Head of Performance Research at Kitman Labs, working for the Performance Intelligence Research Initiative with Derek McHugues (2020-2023).

Currently, I hold the position of Head of  Performance at Olympique Lyonnais, and I still  speak and consult for various organizations (including City Football group since June 2022)

I am the author of >200 scientific articles and books, creator of the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Tests, co-editor of the free-access Sport & Performance Science Reports, and co-founder of HIITScience (an online educational platform about high-intensity interval training). I have also delivered > 70 in-person talks across >25 countries.

Martin Buchheit

The Why

I believe that my unique background both on and off the pitch helps me to bring the best of both worlds together.

I can help practitioners to make better usage of scientific principles and analytics to design better training programs and make better decisions.

On the other side, I can guide academics and researchers to uncover the most important topics for practitioners, and how to deliver their results to have an impact in the field.

Martin Buchheit
Martin Buchheit

The Audience

My primary audiences are elite sport organisations, but the speaking requests coming from universities, management and business schools and well-established companies has kept growing over the past years.

The What

I generally speak, lecture and consult about strength & conditioning, sport science methods and practices, data analytics, the benefit of embedding research into organisations, and team/company collaboration processes.

Martin Buchheit
Martin Buchheit

The How

With the commitment and will to merge science and practice, I always adapt the content of my talks and the language I present in (French, English or Spanish) to fit the audience, so I can provide them with original and actionable insights they can deploy within their own unique context.

When consulting teams and organizations, I spend the necessary time to discover and uncover what their most complex challenges are, for my advice and interventions to be as impactful as possible.

The Format

After typical sport science conference presentations and workshops, I have expanded my range to personal development and coaching courses/seminars (CPD over a few days), on-site visits to work directly with staff, and - more recently - all sorts of online consulting and webinars.

As a follow-up, I also always provide handouts (talks) and detailed reports that can be debriefed together to build clear action plans (audits, consultancies).

Martin Buchheit