Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sport Scientist and Technologist

Martin Buchheit

[Interview en Francais sur le site de Benjamin Del Moral]

I am a Strength & Conditioning coach that progressively developed into an applied sport scientist, with a main emphasis on football (soccer). My work has focused on intervention strategies and profiling assessments that may improve players’ physical and technical potential, using a scientific approach whenever possible.
Using my background in Strength & Conditioning (2 Msc), statistics (1 Msc) and a PhD in exercise physiology, I have developed different training ‘tools’ such as the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test to program high-intensity training and the 5-5 running test to monitor training status using heart rate variability.
I also have extensive experience with match analysis (GPS systems) and talent development and identification (i.e., elite soccer academies).