Integrated High performance, Science & Research

About me

My Commitment

I have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to performance and medical excellence, having amassed over two decades of experience in professional sports. My career includes past roles at renowned clubs and institutions such as PSG, Olympique de Lyon, Lille OSC, and Aspire Academy, as well as engaging in a variety of consultancy projects with entities like City Football Group. As an esteemed author, I have contributed to over 250 scientific papers and penned 2 best-selling books. Whether working full-time, freelance, or in a consultancy capacity, I am adept at bridging the gap between sports science knowledge and its practical application, providing tailored support to optimize team performance and staff development. Committed to the advancement of the field, I also mentor practitioners, deliver strength & conditioning and sport science courses, and am a sought-after speaker on high performance, leadership, and EGO management at elite organizations worldwide.


The Heart of My Approach

Fundamental to my work is the belief that every performance and medical staff has distinct needs. I specialize in individual and department reviews to tailor my support to their unique requirements.


Bridging Science and Practice

With over 20 years of experience working alongside some of the world’s best players and coaches in top European clubs (e.g., Paris Saint Germain, Lille OSC, Olympique Lyonnais), I’ve gained profound insights into the genuine needs of staff and players. My background in sports science & and statistics, coupled with >250 scientific papers, is a commitment to bridging the gap between knowledge and practical application.


Sharing Knowledge, Driven by Passion

Education forms the bedrock of my mission. Whether I’m guiding the way or collaborating with other seasoned experts, my purpose is to empower staff with practical knowledge tested by other teams of practitioners.


Craft and Interpersonal Skills

In football, technical mastery is just one aspect; the ability to build harmonious relationships within multidisciplinary teams is equally crucial. My role isn’t to wield expertise but to be a partner in fostering collaboration and connections.


“EGOAls” – Beyond the Field

My book, “EGOAls,” explores the complexities of managing egos in elite workplaces. It’s not just a book; it’s a piece of my heart dedicated to creating an environment where egos don’t hinder but elevate your team’s potential.


A Passion for All Top Teams

While my primary experience is in European football (soccer) and Handball, I’m eager to extend my expertise to other top teams in various sports. It’s all about collaboration and sharing insights with diverse teams and practitioners.

If you find resonance in our shared passion and believe that we can work together to enhance your performance and medical staff’s journey, please reach out.