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Pacey Performance Podcast #485

22 February 2024



Pacey Performance Podcast #485

In episode #485 of the Pacey Performance Podcast, Rob chats to High Performance Consultant, Martin Buchheit, to explore the critical aspect of evaluating performance staff within sports organizations. How success is measured among performance staff is often a topic of discussion and too often reduction in injuries or win:loss records are the best we can come up with.



We are expertsd in profiling our athletes, assessing their strengths and weaknesses before creating physical development plans for them. So why isn’t that done with performance staff? Why aren’t we judging performance staff on criteria that is highly relevant to individual roles? Martin explains that this is very much a cultural thing and due to the rapid rise in the number of performance staff, things haven’t caught up with the corporate world yet.

So how can this be improved? How can managers start to put things in place for this to happen? Martin gives some recommendations for those at the top, but also those towards the bottom of the hierachy.

This episode offers actionable insights on enhancing objectivity in staff evaluations and fostering an environment that champions growth, adaptation, and excellence.

Main talking points:

  • Why the current way to evaluate performance staff is flawed
  • Why results and win:loss record is a poor way to evaluate performance staff
  • How the corporate world does it
  • Challenges to implement it in sport
  • What can managers do to improve practice
  • What can regular practitioners do to start the process
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