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Football Fitness Federation Podcast #262

6 November 2023



Football Fitness Federation Podcast #262

🤔 Take Aways from my recent Football Fitness Federation podcast interview, I wanted to summarize my thoughts on our roles as performance coaches and scientists in elite football (feedback welcome):

1. Roles & Challenges: Working full-time at major clubs, it’s challenging to set up a performance department and fully implement our vision, given the changing dynamics and coaching staff. Integration and alignment of visions are always a challenge.

2. Ownership & Compromise: Over time, we desire to work on something we own, to have less compromise, especially when our approach is rooted in extensive research and has been effective for players and teams. Compromises are inevitable, but how much and where we draw the line is personal.

3. Evidence-Informed Approach: My confidence in what I do stems from evidence, research, and experience. It’s tough when others dismiss years of work, especially when it’s become a reference for many. Coaches’ preferences and methodologies change, which can be hard to adapt to, especially when it diverges from our well-established processes.

4. The Ego Volume: My book EGOals addresses this challenge. There’s a need to balance confidence in one’s work with the humility to adapt and change. It’s about understanding when to hold on to our beliefs and when to let go for the greater good of the team. Or let go for your own health, and leave. Know the value of your values too.

5. Cost-Benefit Analysis in Decisions: Life and our roles in elite football are about determining the best cost-benefit ratio. Every decision has an associated cost, be it emotional, financial, or otherwise. We need to ensure that the benefits we get outweigh these costs.

6. Flexibility & Adaptability: Through my experience, I’ve realized the importance of being adaptable. While it’s essential to have beliefs and systems, understanding that there are multiple ways to achieve objectives is key.

7. The Bigger Picture: Often, we get caught up in minute details, forgetting the overarching goals. We must always zoom out and evaluate if certain disagreements or challenges align with the bigger objective.

8. Context Matters More Than Content: This is a cornerstone of my approach. This is the core of the TrainingSciencePodcast with HIIT Science. The situation and environment often determine our actions more than rigid content or processes.

To my fellow practitioners and colleagues, let’s continue learning, adapting, and always striving for the best in our field, remembering that our main objective is the betterment of the team and the players we serve. It’s not about us. But we need to enjoy the journey before everything else ❤️


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