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ASCA Podcast #91 – Dr. Martin Buchheit

19 December 2022



ASCA Podcast #91 – Dr. Martin Buchheit

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association

“In the context of team sport, fitness does not often make the difference in winning or losing games”
“Teams that had high speed exposures two days before games had less hamstring injuries during matches two days after”
“We know if you look at contact time with a standardized same speed run, this can be indicative of acute fatigue”
“Any data that be collected through normal practices in a football team, I like it”
“The first discussion I had with the coaches I have worked with is tell me about the players and this is definitely the best way to start to build the interaction with coaches”
“People say you should leave your ego at the door but no, you just need to have the volume control so when you need it, turn it high and when you don’t need and need to collaborate, turn it down”
“What is important with the anerobic speed reserve concept is not the exact numbers but to understand the profiling that comes with it”

1) Martin’s background as a strength and conditioning coach, researcher and sport scientist across the globe
2) Building performance on a foundation of athlete health and the importance of player availability
3) The science and art of designing a training microcylce between matches in football
4) Having a pragmatic view on the use of technology in sport and getting data from normal team practices
5) Super simple standardized warmups for autonomic nervous system and neuromuscular monitoring
6) Developing relationships, influencing the coaches you are working with and managing egos in high performance sport
7) The anaerobic speed reserve concept, bucketing athletes and deciding training methods for each athlete


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