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Do yourself a favor

14 November 2020



Do yourself a favor

I don’t write very often directly here. With the current situation, however, I felt the need to express my thoughts about the increasing difficulty of getting/preserving jobs in our field of Sport Science.

The gap between what is taught at Uni and what is needed to be successful in the field hasn’t shrunk yet. More than knowledge and contents, what people really need when chasing jobs are the specific skills that are not in the Uni courses: how to prepare a CV, how to convince employers that you’re the right person to help them to be successful, handle all the administrative tasks when starting to run your own business and many many more.

Exactly 3 years ago from today, in this IJSPP editorial, I was already quoting Steve Ingham’s letter to the 15000 (students), and stressing the need to get “outside of the box”, to do what the others are not doing, to upgrade one’s profile and learn the skills that really help to make a difference on the job market. Today I belive it’s even “importanter”!!

Since this editorial and his first letter, Steve had now started to house an online membership community that offers a chance for graduates to learn about these key specific skills, develop their know-how, and more importantly engage and ask those silly questions that they didn’t know who to ask about.

Please give it a go and do yourself a favor!

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