VO2000 for Sale / A vendre

Gas Analyzer For Sale – Analyseur de gaz a vendre

VO2000_frontview_450_325_c1  backpack

+ Telemetry pack + specifically designed back pack + 2 extra batteries + 20 face masks + 4 perma pures + consumables + NEW O2 sensor (= changing the entire box)

Very competitive price subject to negotiations see full ad: For Sale – VO2000

Prix trés compétitif à débattre: Annonce complete: A vendre – VO2000

Litterature on validation and various use: 032A-VO2000 U of MN validation 032B-VO2000 U of MI validation 033-VO2000 U of Mass validation Byard-VO2000UofMValidationStudy Data Sheet VO2000 M. Buchheit – Parasympathetic reactivation after repeated sprint exercise VO2000 Portable VO2 testing..

contact: mb(at)martin-buchheit.net


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